Aspiring freelance artist that does mainly anime-style or semi realistic illustrations and dabbles a bit in concept art.

Commission info


*Depending on the complexity of the request I still might consider accepting
a commission even if the status is ‘closed’. Shoot me a DM and we’ll talk ^^

If you wish to throw a coin into my tip jar, feel free to do so through Ko-Fi ^^


Concept art

Feel free to check out my twitter or pixiv if you want to see more ^^

Terms of service

- Full payment in advance. I will ask for your email and send you a PayPal invoice after accepting the commission. No refunds after starting the work.
- Finished artworks are for personal use only. Commercial use / exclusivity rights will increase the price accordingly.
- No furries, mecha, R18. Lewd is up for negotiations.
- Prepare as many references as you can to prevent any major misunderstandings.
- Turnaround time can stretch from one week to one month.


Headshot / bust up: $50+ per character
Half body: $75+ per character
Full body: $125+ per character
Simple background: $20
Complex background: $50+
Twitch / Discord emote: $25
Prices with ‘+’ next to them may rise according to design complexity of the requested character / objects.*Prices shown here don't include 23% sales tax!


[email protected]
Discord: TagcaaT#6023
Twitter DMs

If you wish to contact me through Discord and we don’t share a server, feel free to send me a friend request AND a Twitter DM / email with your Discord tag and information that you’re interested in commissioning me.